Too Many Ideas, Need To Organize

With Covid and working from home being the new normal, I find myself wandering in my head a lot, thinking of all the different side projects that I can start and inevitably abandon.

I'd like to, for once, at the very least, keep track of all the different ideas I have and hopefully through writing (even with no audience), can whole-ass a few of them.

These type of posts/blogs are often called journeys in user forums. A user would write out every step of their journey to some measurable goal - say $10 / day.

No doubt that a part of the goal is to generate an income online, however small. More importantly though, this will be my attempt at providing value to my readers.

Providing Value

Some of the value I hope to provide will come from the following topics I write about:

  • being a father to a newborn and trying to build something on the side on nights & weekends
  • software engineering tips/techniques that I've discovered over my career
  • options trading and general (personal, imho, not a professional) investing advice
  • leather crafting tips and tricks that I've learned over the years as I grew and ultimately shut down my leather brand - Hide & Valor
  • sweaty startup ideas (r/sweatystartup) and more general micro/nano SaaS ideas (
  • software projects that I've started with links to their respective Gitlab repositories
  • whatever else I think would be useful to readers

So as you can see, this blog will be all over the place, and that's ok to me.

Who Are My Readers?

I've never cultivated a community before and frankly, I have no idea where to begin. Blog posts? Social Media? Collecting emails?

I think my general plan is to write about several different topics, promote them and identify who my core readers are. Then identify their needs and address them with solutions that I can come up with.

If I can help just one person with the content that I've written, then this would all be worth it.

How You Can Support

I'll be creating a small store of leather goods and accessories. The funds from purchasing them would go directly to supporting this blog, my wife, new born, and American Eskimo.

There will also be affiliate links clearly marked should the linked material interest you.